Our Services / Prices

Our grant writers for hire are available to write grant proposals and complete grant applications for non-profit organizations. With the exception of scientific research and development, there are virtually no grant opportunities for small businesses. We do however offer marketing and business plan writing services for such businesses, which will help you to be awarded a loan.

Grant Writing for Non-Profits

We offer the following grant writing services for non-profit organizations:

Business Plan Writing: Without a business plan, the likelihood of being awarded a grant for your non-profit is bleak. In addition to greatly increasing the likelihood of being awarded a grant, a business plan is key to long-term business success and makes  applying for additional grants and even loans much easier.

Grant Funding Research: We spend the time to understand your organization’s needs and then research and compile a list of up-to-date potential funding sources for a flat fee of $295.  From that list you can select which ones you want to pursue and we can help with that for an additional fee. We will provide a price quote for writing the proposal and/or completing the application.

The research fee will be refunded in the final grant writing installment. In other words, the research service is free if you ultimately order our grant writing services.

Grant Proposal Development: Our grant writers for hire will create and develop grant proposals. Through telecommunications and the Internet, our grant proposal development service includes grant consulting, needs assessments, brainstorming solutions, and specifying objectives and goals. We will create an evaluation plan, prepare the necessary documents for submission, proofread, submit, follow-up with the funding source, and communicate with you about any developments. If you need to apply for corporation or foundation grants, our fees are $1000 to $2000.

If applying for State and Federal grants, the fees vary from $2000 dollars to $6000 dollars depending on the length and complexity of project. If you prefer, we can arrange up to 4 installments. We do NOT work on commission.

Grant Proposal Review: We can provide a completed proposal evaluation review prior to submitting to the funding source. Our experienced grant writers for hire will proofread and ensure it meets the funding and Request for Proposal guidelines. We score the proposal, identify areas for improvement, and make specific recommendations. Depending on the complexity, the fee ranges from $400.00 dollars to $1200 dollars.

Grant Proposal Evaluation: If you already have a proposal but need a professional evaluation, we can create the appraisal section of the proposal. For $2000 to $4000, we will conduct a professional evaluation and provide a summative assessment, formative expression of the data, or both.

If you are part of a non-profit organization or have a business that conducts scientific research and development and want to discuss our services, please complete the following contact form