Get Grant Money

Get Grant Money

A grant is assistance given in form of funds to recipients such as organizations, governments or any entity that the sponsor’s finds appropriate. Grants are usually given to both profit and non profit entities. However, they are commonly given for non profit purposes. They are usually issued by governments, foundation or trusts.

There are various approaches involved in the issuing of grants. One can apply for a grant by writing a request otherwise known as proposals to potential sponsors. Another approach is applying for funds when the funding organization calls for proposals. Writing these proposals is also known as grant writing. Proposals can be written on behalf of non profit organizations or individuals who need help, like victims of disasters, or poverty stricken people who need the funds to better their lives through education or business.

Two of the most common type of grants are the intergovernmental and government grants. These are grants issued by one government to another government on a large scale basis. While the latter, are grants given by the government to its citizens for various purposes. Intergovernmental grants are issued by one government to another and they are used to carry out large projects like building roads. Both grants are however, acquired through writing grants applications.

There are currently many organizations applying for grants. Hence, potential grant donors usually have lots of applications. For this reason the standard of proposal writing keeps rising. This trend has forced many organizations to hire fundraising professionals to write proposals for them.

As a result, fundraising is now recognized as a profession in many countries. A good example is the UK where they even have a governing body known as The Institute of Fund Raising. This kind development has made proposal writing a specialty where one needs training to be able to write. A well written proposal increases the chances of an organization in getting grants; this is done by ensuring the proposal clearly demonstrates how the grant will help in effecting positive change to society.

Sourcing for foundations issuing grants is also another job that fundraisers do for an organizations. There are however online sources where one can find grants. Most are accessible upon subscription but there are also open source directories. One of the most popular open source grant directory is the UK based Grantsnet.

Grants for foundations and Trusts in the US are granted by government departments. More than $40 billion are distributed among 88,000 foundations and trusts each year. Most of these government grants are usually given to talented and bright students who qualify for college or university studies but lack the funds for fees. These grants are categorized according to the issuing agency and subjects where each grant has its own criteria for qualification.

European countries also have their own grant programs, which are run under the European Commission (EC). Whenever the European Commission wishes to give grants they call for submission of proposals after which they award grants. So far the commission is on the seventh phase of this program.

Europe also wanted to use grants to ensure that advanced education was accessible to all. In the year 2000 countries allied to the European council signed an agenda that would see Europe as a world leader both economically and technologically by 2010.

However, European countries have their own individual grants such as Ireland’s SFI and IRCSET both research oriented grants. Denmark has its own educational grant accessible to citizens who have attained 18 years of age and specifically those pursuing post secondary education.

The corporate sector also plays an active role in giving grants. Various corporations are known to have departments that handle social responsibility initiatives.  In the UK, the National Lottery has one of the biggest foundations. The renowned search engine Google also plays a big role in giving back to society through its Google Grants Program.

Grant Writing

Grant Writing

Grant writing is the completing of formal or informal fund soliciting request by an individual. The application processes is also known as grant submissions or proposals. It is usually carried out by a nonprofit entity, business or educational institution or one party to another. An individual may write to a government body, a foundation, trust or a corporation with the aim of asking for funding.

Grant Demand

With the growth and development of charity work, the number of grant seekers and also grant makers continues to grow. Many grant makers may ask the grant seekers for a lot of information during the application process which includes filling out application forms. However, grant makers tend to ask and look for the same type of information in most cases. The only difference of information may result when the specific grant makers opt to ask for more information rather than the type of information that they require.

For a grant writing to stand out from the rest or to have a successful proposal, the information provided by the grant seeker must match what the grant maker is asking for. Thus, the needs of the grant seeker must match with the needs of grant makers. This process will include the matching of grant seekers and grant makers. This will be followed by selection of proposals or submissions that stand out from the rest or which will meet the makers’ requirements.

One of the most important steps when applying for a grant is ensuring that the grant proposal submitted is well researched. Seeking help from professional grant writers is one of the best options a grant seeker can use. This is because most of these professional have the know-how of coming up with a well researched grant proposal which will also include the most important information. A grant proposal written by the professional grant writer will most likely meet the needs of both grant seeker and maker.

Hiring a Professional Grant Writer or Doing It Yourself?

There are merits and demerits of both hiring a professional and doing it yourself (DIY). This hugely depends on the kind and amount of resources that are available.  For instance, hiring a professional will definitely require the grant seeker to part with cash to cover the grant writer’s fees. Also, one may be required to use more time to ensure that they only have the most accurate information needed. It is this kind of information which is given to the grant writer that will be used as part of the research to compile information about the grant seeker.

On the other side, DIY approach will require one to part with little money and time. Most of the time used will be geared towards finding the potential foundations or trusts and also grants. This will include going through government grants and other types of grants like corporation and school grants. There are a number of grants which can be located by use of various websites. Today, the number of foundations which can offer grants has totaled to approximately 88,000 in the US alone.

DIY approach can also be advantageous if the individual has the necessary skills needed to come up with a good proposal. What is more, there are a number of resources which are available online that can offer guidelines on how to write a successful proposal. Even after completion of writing the grant, an individual can always contact a professional grant writer to get their feedback on the grant proposal.

Due to the significant increase of grant seekers and makers, a number of grant writing consulting companies have also developed. The kinds of services provided have also been developed in a bid to provide various services to all their clients. Consequently, these firms are now able to meet specific client needs as they have come up with better and broader skills that are designed to suit every client needs. Such services and skills include through grant research and writing which enables many clients to meet the requirements of the grant makers.

Moreover, it is imperative to know that hiring a professional grant writer is a highly advantageous option as they are quick in writing the grants. What is more, the high competition in this field will also prove advantageous as the companies all strive to give the best to their clients and all at an affordable rate.

In case an individual or institution lacks the money to pay the professional grant writing firm, they can always pay fees for partial services. This can also be considered when there is not enough time to invest in grant writing. Grant seeker can also pay for the services that they believe they cannot do by themselves like professional editing.

What Makes a Good Grant Proposal?

Coming up with a good proposal may be challenging to many individuals. However, tips for writing a good grant proposal can aid the writing process. An effective grant proposal must include the following:

An executive summary: this will serve as an introduction to your proposal. The summary must be brief and state what is contained in the proposal. Grant seeker may go over the main points of the whole proposal like project explanation, statement of need, organizational information and also the budget. The summary must be able to mirror the seeker’s professional approach and ability for excellence.

The statement of need should clearly explain the importance of the project. This should include a well researched background of the project to enable the grant maker clearly see the need that is being addressed herein and also needs to be convincing.

The project description should give relevant and important details about the projects. It must be well structured and well thought out to encourage readership. The performance indicators and goals and objectives of the seeker must also be well explained. Hence, the project description must show what is going to be achieved, how it will be achieved and evaluated.

The intended budget must also be included in the proposal. Like every other individual, grant makers understand the importance of money and would like their money to achieve the best results. Hence, the seeker must demonstrate that they understand the costs and that they intend to deliver the according to the budget or funds allocated.

Providing organizational information provides an opportunity for grant seeker to show that they have the ability to deliver. Brief history on the organization can be included. The governance composition that administers the organization can also be explained. Also, the activities, services and activities of the organization must also be briefly explained. History of successful delivery and experience the workforce has had can also be included.

End with a conclusion which should summarize all the key details included in the proposal. The conclusion needs to be short and clear since it is what the reader is left to think about. It is important that no new information or information that has not been discussed on to be added in the conclusion

Assessment/outcome section should show how the seeker intends to assess the success of the program. Grant seeker can set measurable goals and standards that they are likely to achieve. How, when and who will carry out the evaluation process will be done must also be shown.

For instance, indicator of success examples can include after School program goal which can show the minimum set goals for a program. The indicators of success must also show or compare the goals achieved with existing data.

How the evaluation process will take place can be also be shown. For example, workforce readiness program goal can show the minimum participants going on interviews or training and how long it will take them to complete the workforce readiness programs.

Other formats that will aid in grant writing can be obtained from Non Profit Guides which will provide templates that can be downloaded to help with the evaluation process.

Joining an association for grant professionals

In the US, the nationally recognized association for grant professional is the American Association of Grant Professionals (AAGP) which can be joined by many grant professionals depending on their professional certifications. As a grant professional certification institute, the AAGP awards professional certification title. In order to obtain these titles, all grant professionals seeking the same must complete a demanding exam. The professional must also show their education, professional development and experience etc.

Maintaining their certifications will require grant professional to uphold a minimum set of requirements in their education, experience, professional development and community involvement.

Grant Writers for Hire — Grant Writers

Grant Writers for hire

With the rise of non profit organizations who are trying to get funds and support from foundations and private organizations, grant writers for hire have become more popular these days. Grant writers are people who are highly skilled in writing grants. Writing grants is not an easy job to do. It requires patience, hard work and wit. Grant writing doesn’t only involve creating grant proposals. It also involves developing the proposal in such a way that it will be approved.

Before you hire grant writers, you need to make sure that they have the qualities of a great grant writer. This is very important in the hiring process to avoid wasting your time and money. They should have these following qualities:

Amazing talent in writing – Great grant writers are able to use appropriate words that will help the reader understand the contents of the grant proposal. They should be able to let their readers understand the message that they are trying to say in the proposal. Understands the project very well – Part of being a good writer is to know and understand what the topic is. It is very important that you know what your proposal is talking about to be able to communicate with your readers.

Great in research – Researching is one of the tasks of a grant writer. It is expected of grant writers for hire to have great researching skills as they will need to research for different kinds of information, to be able to create real concepts regarding the project and spot possible sponsors.
Well organized and On time – Submits proposals on time or even earlier than the deadline. Follows the instructions provided by their clients and do a follow up on their submitted proposals to make sure that they get approved.

What grant writers for hire basically do is lay down aims and goals according to the wanted results of the grant and make sure that the goals and the results are aligned. They will also communicate with the people, who are in charge of grant approvals, to make sure that the proposal they have written meets the requirements needed for it to get approved. The proposal should be written in the correct format and should be easy to understand.

Business owners will be able to save much time and money in hiring grant writers. Grant writers for hire are experts in grant writing so finishing grant proposal even before deadline is easy for them. They are also the client’s best advisers. This allows clients to make decisions based on updates given to them by the grant writer. Grant writers for hire will easily be able to identify possible donors and sponsors for your business due to their researching skills and experience in the field. They will also create relevant proposal that will give the business higher chances in getting funds for their project.

Small Business Grant Writing

Small Business Grant Writing can help your business gain funding.

The use of small business grant writing is becoming more popular for businesses. This is because they have finally recognized the fact that, it is not easy to get a grant without any assistance from that of grant writers. Any business that seeks funding from a fund organization in the government or private industry should submit a grant proposal, in a written form. A project grant proposal is one that is well presented, well documented and is comprehensive.

Small businesses would even invest in employing their staff to join in any grantsmanship workshops and seminars so that, they would be able to learn and acquire the right knowledge needed, on how to present and document convincing proposals. However, it is still advisable for businesses to acknowledge small business grant writing, instead of sending their employees to such workshops. Small business grant writing is available and offered by highly trained professionals who are knowledgeable enough on how to get these small businesses, the funding they need by submitting a well written grant proposal.

For the proposal to get recognized easily, small business grant writing has incorporated developing ideas. Any idea or information must be made viable by a good small business writing agency before documenting it in its exact format. There are instances in which most of the writers will just simply use the information they have received from their client, to write a proposal even if the information is irrelevant and unreliable, just to get the approval they need for funding. A good small business grant writing firm also recognizes the vital role of the community during the process because of its contribution the decision of the grantor to approve the funding. If the community sees that the project is good, then the proposal will most likely get the funding especially if the organization that grants the approval is a government agency.

It is observed that most of the organizations that need funding are small businesses. It is important to figure out if any of them are trying to get a grant for a similar project.  Similar projects that need to be funded will be checked by small business writing firms so that they can be ready for other options. This is to save the business some time and money. These are just a few of the advantages of hiring small business grant writers, it may be an added expense for the business but in the long run it can prove to be for a worth cost. There are many small business grant writers that can be found on the Internet.

Small Business Grant Writers for Hire

Small business grant writers help businesses to get the funding that they need to complete a project. Since these government agencies and private organizations who are the sponsors for these grants are not repaid, the requests for grants are usually a lot more than the grants that are available. And because of that, grantors only approve grants to those most deserving projects. Before a grant is approved, the business should submit a grant proposal. A badly written grant proposal lessens the chance of the business in getting the grant. Businesses need the help of small business grant writers in making a top quality written grant proposal. These grant writers are well versed in writing grant proposals and with the various formats that are required by grantors.

One of the reasons why it is best to hire small business grant writers is the fact that they are familiar with the grant writing process. Hiring grant writers allow businesses to save time and the trouble of having to write the grant proposal themselves. They give advices to businesses on the information that is needed by the grantor so that, the proposal will be approved. There are various formats in writing a grant proposal depending on the requirements given by the grantor and the amount requested by the business. How long the proposal will be, would depend on the information needed in the proposal.

Albeit the fact that grant proposals have their differences, there are five major parts that all grant proposals should have. These are the summary, the rationale of the proposal, a description of the project, financial plan and the conclusion. The summary serves as the introduction of the grant proposal. It introduces the business and convinces the grantor to sponsor the project. It should be strong, concise, and attractive.  Having a good summary ensures the probability of getting the grant approved. The second part of the proposal states reasons why there is a need for the grant to be approved. It shows the problem the business wants to solve and those that will benefit the project. It would also give reasons why the business is ready to resolve the problem.

The details on the number of workers, skills and knowledge that is required to get the project going is included in this section. The business should see to it that it has solutions addressing to all the problems that were recognized in the project. It should also show measurable methods in doing the project including project evaluation procedures. The evaluation should be quantifiable. Methods on how to make the project last should be included in the proposal as well. Provide a financial plan to explain the methods chosen in the project. It should consist of a timeframe for each task and its cost. Financial plans should be realistic.

Small business grant writers use their skills in turning ideas into concrete concepts. They help the business in providing evidence that the business is reliable and can manage the funds. Previous completed projects serve as good proof that the business is reliable. However for first time projects, a concise summary on the financial management program will do. The conclusion of the proposal contains a recap of what the problem is and why the project should be prioritized. Making a grant proposal is not an easy thing to do that is why, it is recommended to have professional small business grant writers do it for you.

Small Business Grant Writer for Hire

A small business grant small business grant writer for hire is great for businesses seeking grants. These documents are important and speak about the business thus, it is very important that its content show quality writing skills. Poor writing quality in business letters give out a bad impression of the business.  To ensure good quality writing and a good impression of the business in terms of grant writing, it is best for the business to hire a small business grant writer. They are professional grant writers and offer high quality writing services. This kind of service assists businesses in developing their grant proposal, making sure it meets with the requirements of the grant thus, increasing its chances of getting approved.

Hiring a small business grant writer is an advantage because of their experience in grant writing. They already know the dos and don’ts of the process, people to contact and are very familiar of the format of grant proposals. They give the business an edge in getting the funds needed by using their technique in persuading the grantor to approve the grant proposal. A small business grant writer is familiar with the various structures and formats in making a grant proposal and, will be able to select the best one that will match what the business needs. They assure the business that the proposal will be submitted on or before the deadline. However if the grant writer is not able to do his/her job well, the business always has an option to let him/her go. Acquiring the funds needed to complete the project is most important to the business.

Hiring the services of a small business grant writer may be an additional cost for the business but in the long run, you’ll see that it is all worth it. They are really great in grant writing that is why, even if the grant proposal won’t be approved, you won’t be able to say that it’s because of poor quality writing. A great grant proposal consists of a cover letter, a summary that encourages the reader of the proposal to read more and approve the grant. Next is the problem statement which tries to convince the grantor that what is being suggested is important and the business is qualified to do it. The next part states the objectives of the proposal which consists of the plans of the business in going about the problem and the results that they expect to get. Next, the business then matches the problem statement and objectives with the procedures and strategies of the proposal. In this part, the business justifies the procedure and strategies that they plan to do.

The second last part of the proposal is the evaluation of the program. This section provides ways in measuring how far the business is going, in doing the project planned. In the conclusion section, the business states a reasonable budget for the proposal. It also contains information about the length of time that each task will take and when it should be completed. The complexity of the format and other requirements that need to be met in writing grant proposal tell the business that hiring a small business grant writer is the best thing to do.

Grant Writing Company

If you are in search for a grant writing company that can help your business in getting the funds that you need for your project, use the Internet. Almost all grant writing companies have their own website, which displays company information like services offered, and grant proposals that they have submitted and were approved. This information will help you decide whether you should hire the company or not. These companies consist of qualified grant writers that are experts in grant writing. You can check their approved works on the portfolio of their website. If the grant writing company site shows numerous grant proposals that were approved, it means that they are good with what they do and is definitely worth hiring.

Part of the job of a grant writing company is to improve the quality of the proposal. This means that if there is information that needs to be added or edited then, they will do it. They are responsible for the packaging of the proposal. It needs to look good so that it will be able to catch the attention of the agencies in charge of approving grants. The grant writing company will take care of converting your thoughts for the project into realistic ideas and will make sure that there hasn’t been any proposal that is similar to it.  They will also verify with the legislators within the government if there are any similar pending proposals that were submitted. If so, they will give this information to their client so that their client can think of a different project instead.

Most agencies that take care of grant approvals give out information to grant companies easily, because they get to be more familiar with the proposals submitted by certain grant writing companies.  It is also because of the working relationship of both the company and the government agencies’ staff that have been shaped for some time. If it shows that most grant proposals submitted by a certain company have been approved then future proposals that will be passed will most likely be approved as well.

It is best to seek out information first with your prospect grant writing company to determine if, they are fit for the grant writing job that you need for them to do. Give them information about the proposal, problem statement, procedures for the project and other essential details about the project. You will also be advised by the company, if there are areas that you need to work on to make the proposal better.

Grant Writing Companies

Grant Writing Companies

For businesses that need funding for their projects, grant writing companies offer the services for making grant proposals. The first step to acquire funding is to submit a grant proposal. Without submitting grant proposals, funding cannot be approved. Grant writing companies offer their services to all kinds of business, from small to large. They concentrate in getting the kind of funding that your business needs. So if your business needs funding, hire grant writing companies that are closest to your location.

There are two kinds of writers who are both qualified and experts in the grant writing field: professional grant writers and freelance grant writers. Both might be equal in their talent for writing and researching but they also differ in some ways. Grant writing companies have a more competitive edge because of their structure and the services that they offer to their clients. They are aware of the different kind of funds that different organizations may need. These companies may have different sectors that handle all types of grants. They are able to work in different locations, unlike freelance writers who can only work in one place at one time. These companies are made up of many writers who are experts in writing grant proposals for different projects.

Because grant writing companies are composed of many writers, they will be able to attend to their client’s needs efficiently compared to freelance writers. These companies will also be able to inform your organization about any updates in the whole grant writing procedure. They may call for emergency meetings to discuss with their clients about the challenges and barriers that they may face in getting the proposal through. Grant writing companies will help their clients in gathering the information needed and will structure the proposal, in such a way that it will be approved. They will also send a number of proposals to various potential donors that will possibly be able to provide their clients with the funds that they need for their projects. Potential donors may require different information or specific formats for grant proposals. These companies will make sure that these requirements are met in the proposals that they have written for their clients. These companies are known to be successful in writing grants and getting them approved. So just in case you would like to get your grant approved, get the services of grant writing companies for successful grant proposals.

Grant Writer for Hire

Grant Writer for Hire

If you’re looking for a grant writer for hire, the best place to check would be the Internet. Searching information online gives you updated data and provide you with a more easy method in looking for a grant writer. To find out whether you are hiring the right person or not, check out their portfolios. A grant writer for hire likes to brag about their success which means their portfolio should contain information regarding their successfully written proposals and approved grants.

Grant writers for hire may have different modes of payment for their services. For payment, there are some grant writers for hire that will charge you with a fixed amount, and there are some that gets a percentage of the approved fund. By knowing this, it will allow you to choose the right writer for the job.

Finding a grant writer for hire is a great advantage. By hiring a grant writer you can have higher possibilities of getting your grant proposal approved, and the funds that you need for your business. Grant writers are professional writers for grant proposals, and they know just how a grant proposal should look like and what it should contain. The grant writer for hire is in charge of the structure of the proposal and in explaining the details of the information that it contains. Most grant writers also have connections to organizations that can give your business funds, and are knowledgeable on who, to mail the grant proposal to so that it will be approved.

Submitting grant proposals and getting it approved is quite tough for small businesses. It is because there are a lot of small businesses like them who are seeking for similar grants. Most non-profit organization may think that they can just make their own way and have their grant proposal approved without needing the services of a grant writer, only to find out that they should have hired one after all. A grant writer for hire is an expert in making grant proposals so, the best thing to do is to get their services to avoid the hassle of writing erratic proposals and have higher chances of getting the funds needed by the business.

Hiring a grant writer is like having your grant proposal approved already. However, if you are having second thoughts in hiring a certain person for the job, check out that person’s previously made grant proposals and approved ones. A grant writer for hire should be very knowledgeable about writing grant proposals and should know about the process in getting it approved.

Federal Grant Writers for Hire

Federal Grant writers for hire can help your organization. Even though there have been a lot of changes in our world today, a lot of people remain to be less fortunate and needs our help. Thankfully, as our society grows so does the number of people that are willing to help the less fortunate, by establishing charitable organizations. Charitable organizations may be working for different goals. Some are there to help those who are victims of calamities, while some help those who are handicapped. And in order for these charitable organizations to succeed in helping the less fortunate, they will need financial assistance from the government or any private organization for that matter. This financial assistance is what they can use to be able to provide the less fortunate with what they need to survive thus, being able to meet their goals in their organization.

Charitable organizations need to submit an application for financial assistance from different sectors especially those that are just within the government. They call this financial assistance as federal grants. For a charitable organization to receive a federal grant, that organization needs to submit a proposal to the group of people that are in charge of approving federal grants.

Federal grant writers for hire are very important for a charitable organization. With such writers, the organization can receive financial assistance for the project will cater to the needs of its target. However, writing a grant proposal is a tough job because of the information that you will need for it to be approved.  The best way to do it is to hire a federal grant writer.

A federal grant writer for hire is a professional writer that takes care of the documents needed in a grant proposal. There may be required information that a grant proposal should have depending on the grantor. The federal grant writer makes sure that this required information are present in the content of the grant proposal, so that the people in charge of approving grants would approve it. The information needed should be gathered by the charitable organization or the individual that needs the grant.

The information needed are, details about the organization, its objectives, project methods and many more. The federal grant writer will arrange this information, by providing details that are needed in explaining the data gathered about the organization. The content should also include the type of funding that the organization need, the summary of the proposal, organizational goals, methods, and budget. The grant writer is only in charge of the documentation and the structure of the proposal therefore, research and information needed in the proposal should be provided by the charitable organization or by the one that needs the grant.

Hiring a federal grant writer is the best option for charitable organizations, to get their grant proposals approved. They know very well how to make grant proposals which means, they are well experienced in the field of proposal writing. Some organizations may think that it is just another added expense for them if they hire a grant writer. But if you really come to think of it, getting funds is way more important for an organization and getting the funds needed is what a federal grant writer can do.